Our "TROPITEK" range of display baskets are handcrafted from "PROLEN". a high tech composite material specially formulated to give the same look and feel as rattan and bamboo.
PROLEN wicker is handcrafted into basketware exactly the same way as any of the natural wickers. The weaving, bindings, and wrapping are all completed by hand.
TROPITEK baskets need very little maintenance, just the occassional wash with mild soap and water. PROLEN is UV protected, resistant to damage by cleaning chemicals, auto-extinguishable, environmentally friendly and can be recycled.
TROPITEK baskets should give years of satisfactory service, and remain looking good for the balance of their lifetime.
Baskets listed here are all in natural coloured wicker finish unless otherwise specified.

PB116 Set of 2 TROPITEK
Oval Market Baskets
Largest (shown)
13" L x 10" W x 5" Deep
with 15" Handle Height

Ideal for cross merchandising your store.

$21.75 each Set of 2  TROPITEK Oval Market 

This series of TROPITEK display trays are engineered to fit standard display shelving, whether three or four foot modules are used we have a series of baskets that will fit.

ie: 2 - 18" wide on a three foot long unit or 3 - 15" or 2 - 24" on a four foot module.

sloping prolen trays barrel topper
PB522 15" x 12" - 10" High Back with 4" High Front $26.00 each
PB523 24" x 12" - 10" High Back with 4" High Front $35.00 each
PB122 18" x 12" - 10" High Back with 4" High Front and price holder bracket. $29.50 each
PB120 21" x 21" - 10" High Back with 3" High Front $50.75 each
PB455 18" x 18" - 6" deep Round Barrel Topper $27.50 each

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