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Crystal Clear Cellophane Flat Bags

Great for Packaging Cookies, Candles & more..

Please call or e-mail to get a quote on printed bags. See our cello wrap pages for the designs available.

CODE NUMBER DESCRIPTION (pk100 means 100 bags per pack) PRICE
PK4999A PK100 2.5"x8.5" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 6.25
PK4999B PK100 2.5"x15" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 7.00
PK4999C PK100 3"x 5" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 6.50
PK4999D PK100 3"x7.5" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 6.50
PK5000A PK100 3"x 10" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 6.60
PK5000B PK100 3"x 12" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 7.10
PK5000C PK100 3"x 15" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 7.76
PK5000D PK100 3.5"x5" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 6.15
PK5001 PK100 3.5"x8.5" CEL BAGS CLEAR 6.50
PK5001A PK100 3.5"x 10" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 7.16
PK5001C PK100 3.5"x 15" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 7.40
PK5001D PK100 4"x 7" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 6.80
PK5002A PK100 4"x 8" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 7.00
PK5002B PK100 4"x 9" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 7.05
PK5002C PK100 4"x 10" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 7.16
PK5002D PK100 4"x 11" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 7.20
PK5003A PK100 4"x 12" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 7.25
PK5003B PK100 5" X 7" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 7.10
PK5003C PK100 5"x 8" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 7.25
PK5003D PK100 5"x8.5" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 7.35
PK5004A PK100 5"x 9" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 7.60
PK5004B PK100 5"x 10" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 7.65
PK5004C PK100 5"x 12" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 7.85
PK5004D PK100 5"x 15" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 8.35
PK5005A PK100 5.5"x10" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 7.50
PK5005B PK100 5.5"x12" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 8.30
PK5005C PK100 5.5"x20" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 9.80
PK5005D PK100 6"x10" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 7.70
PK5006A PK100 6"x10.5" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 8.20
PK5006B PK100 6"x12" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 8.20
PK5006C PK100 6.25"x20" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 10.40
PK5006D PK100 7"x10" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 8.15
PK5007A PK100 7"x12" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 8.75
PK5007B PK100 7"x13" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 9.60
PK5007C PK100 7"x15" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 9.60
PK5007D PK100 7"x20" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 11.10
PK5008A PK100 7.5"x20" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 11.50
PK5008B PK100 8"x10" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 8.50
PK5008C PK100 8"x12" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 9.25
PK5008D PK100 8"x15" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 10.25
PK5009A PK100 8.5"x12" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 9.50
PK5009B PK100 9"x15" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 10.85
PK5009C PK100 10"x12" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 10.25
PK5009D PK100 10"x15" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 11.50
PK5010A PK100 10"x20" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 13.60
PK5010B PK100 10.5"x30" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 20.10
PK5010C PK100 12"x15" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 12.75
PK5010D PK100 12"x20" CELLO BAGS CLEAR 15.25
PK5016 16" X 20" CLEAR CELLO BAG 0.50 each >100 0.23
PK5016S 16"X20" GOLD SWISS DOTS BAGS 0.60 each >100 0.33
PK5018 18" X 24" CLEAR CELLO BAG 0.65 each >100 0.33
PK5018S 18" X 24" SMALL GOLD STARS BASKET BAG 0.70 each >100 0.43
PK5070C 20" X 30" CLEAR CELLO BAG 0.85 each >100 0.42
PK5070CR 20" X 30" WHITE SNOWFLAKE ON CLEAR BAG 0.95 each >100 0.60
PK5070S 20" X 30" GOLD STARS CELLO BAG 0.95 each >100 0.60
PK5070X 20"X30" LITTLE BOXES BURG. & GOLD 0.99 each >100 0.63
PK6070C 25" X 30" CLEAR CELLO BAG 0.89 each >100 0.45
PK6070H 25" X 30" HOLLY BERRY GREEN & RED BAG 1.15 each >100 0.72
PK6070S 25" X 30" GOLD STARS CELLO BAG 0.99 each >100 0.70
PK6070X 22"X36" CLEAR CELLO BAG 1.00 each >100 0.60
PK6071 30"X40" CLEAR CELLO BAG (30 micron) 1.15 each >100 0.70

** >100 Means order 100 or more bags & get a better price. **

We are a Manufacturer of Converted Polypropylene (BOPP) Film products Supplying the Wholesale Food, Gift and Floral Industries.

B.C. Tropical Shell co. is an established company with success built on the principles of supplying a quality product with outstanding customer service and competitive prices. Our Team is committed to providing new and innovative designs and products to supply the ever-changing demands of the market. With over 60 stock colour design patterns including clear and tinted films we are prepared to meet your needs. All of our films can be converted to rolls, bags, floral sleeves and wrapping sheets to suit your requirements.
For those who require custom designs and patterns including company logos, our staff will work with you to ensure the design, colour and size of each product meets your specifications.

5 x 10

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